This page shows works by Davina which are for sale. They are mostly done between commission works when Davina paints for exhibitions.

For those pictures that go abroad, there is a shipping charge depending on the destination but please feel free to make contact for more information about the paintings and anything else that you'd like to discuss


                                                    "Geraniums, Corfu Town" £300.00 Oils 12 x 10 Inches Unframed

 "Still Day. Sound of Iona" £675.00 Oil 16 x 20 Inches

                                            "Crabber Coming Home. Camel Estuary" £750.00 Oils 20 x 24 Inches Framed

                                           "Angus Bull" £570.00 Oils 15 x 17 Inches Framed

 "Wagtail" £120.00 Water Colour 10 x 12 Inches Framed

 "Greengage Blossom" £210.00 Oil 10 x 8 Inches

 "Fishing Boat, Halki" £285.00 Water Colour 13 x 15 Inches Framed

"Scarba from Croggan, Mull" £285.00 Water Colour 14 x 16 Inches. Framed

"Indian Otter" £425.00 Oils. 14 x 18 Inches Framed

"In the Garden, Kasbah Bab Ourika" £550.00 Oil 12 x 14 Inches

                                                    "Cliff Beach Isle of Lewis" £150.00 Oil 8 x 10 Inches Unframed

SOLD   "Red Roof Iona" £200.00 Oil 7 x 9 1/2 Inches

SOLD  "Goldfish" £200.00 Oil 7 x 9 1/2 Inches

SOLD "North End Iona" £625.00 Oil 9 x 10 Inches. Framed Version below

                                                                                SOLD "North End Iona"

"Still Life. Fig" Price £500.00. Oil 14 x 16 Inches

"Young Hind,Mull" Price £365.00 Oil 10 x 13 Inches Framed

SOLD "Dinghy Padstow Harbour"  Water Colour 10 x 7 Inches Ex P&P

"Sheep on Tiree" Oil on Board £110 5 x 7 Inches Inc P&P


"Luing Bull"  Oils on Canvas. £1,700.00 (Framed)

P&P Excluded

20" x 19" Size framed, in Inches.

Image on the right shows the framed painting


"Porth Pean, Coastal Path" South Cornwall. Oil Painting on canvas. Size 14 inches x 16 inches. Price £585.00 P&P Included. Framed

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